Style tip 6 - foundation garments


You need to ensure you have the right foundation garments, such as bras, underwear, and shape wear. Under wire must sit flat and not dig into your skin in any way. Not only does a properly-fitting bra give you a more flattering silhouette and comfort, it can alleviate strain on your back and shoulders. A well fitting bra makes your clothing fit much better while boosting your self-confidence.

The cup size and the band size are most important in choosing the right fit. The cup size is matched with letters while the band size with numbers. For example, 36B, 38C, 40D etc

1.  Measure Cup Size: Measure around your back, across the fullest part of your breast. Make sure the measuring tape is horizontal but not too tight 

2.  Measure Band Size: Measure around your rib cage, just under the bust. Make sure you pull the measuring tape tight and horizontally around your body.



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