Style tip 7 - The right accessorie


Accessories can either kill an outfit or transform it into an incredible look. Many women don’t realize the power of accessories. The important things are to choose the right accessories, but also choose the right amount of accessories, too many accessories could be overwhelming for an outfit and instead of looking fashionable, it will just look busy. 
Remember that your jewellery does not have to be expensive –  Be creative, there is a whole lot for you to choose from in every color, price and style.

1.  When selecting your accessory you should base it on the color and style of the outfit you are wearing to help to enhance the look of the outfit. You can use trendy or stylish jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, belt and even watches to put the stylish edge on a your outfit,    

2.  Pick a color from your outfit you want to enhance with the accessory. 

3.  Take into account your age to pick your accessory and outfits .You may use your accessory to downplay your less attractive features and draw attention to your good features. 

4.  Simplicity is the way to go. So putting too many accessories over- crowds and breaks your outfit instead of enhancing it. 

5.  Keep in mind whether your outfit is ordinary, evening or professional so you pick your accessory accordingly.

Remember the age-old rule that Coco Chanel gave women “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewellery.”

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