Blue Summer - Outfit styling



Shinny, shimmering, sparking, metallic garments are one of the tricky trends this season. How to make them work for you in the real world can be challenging.  Do easy elegance in this beautiful metallic blue top, and sequins trouser to add glamour that makes for perfect evening wear.

Shop my look below, to get you wearing Metallic blue with confidence:

Blue Summer - Outfit styling

Navy top
120 ZAR -

Isabel Marant sequin pants
2 685 ZAR -

Casadei platform sandals
5 785 ZAR -

Buxton blue purse
350 ZAR -

Napier blue earrings
105 ZAR -

Tory burch glasses
1 595 ZAR -

By Terry eyeshadow
640 ZAR -

Miriam Quevedo flat iron
725 ZAR -

Essie nail polish
125 ZAR -

Would you wear metallic blue? how to do you wear metallic blue?  tell us by leaving a comment below.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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