Hats - Fall/Winter


Hats are everywhere this season. Whether you are a man or a woman hat trend applies for Fall/Winter 2011/2012.  As the cold season approaches you’d think a hat would be more of a necessity but some of these hats are really worn just to complete the look, get a certain style, or jump on a bandwagon with other fashionistas who love the hat trend

Wide brim hat: They are romantic, ultra feminine, and they will certainly catch everyone’s attention.  These large brim, floppy hats are probably the best complement to the free spirited Bohemian look that is so trendy this fall. 

Fedora hat: If you prefer classic, boy-chic style, then you should definitely go for Fedora hat.  They came in a variety of colors and designs, and this season they are usually decorated with feathers which makes them incredibly catchy. Fedora hats look amazing when paired with formal outfits, but they are just as good when used as a complement to the daytime casual look

Vintage hats: In the ’60s, women wore hats as much as they wore their other accessories — it was a necessary piece to a look. Vintage-style cloche hats are making their way back into stores.  the 60′s pillbox being one of the hottest, come in various shades, shapes and prints. These tiny hats can be worn as a perfect accessory for formal and party attire.

Bowler hats:  The bowler hats are already very popular among the trendsetters worldwide, and judging by the combinations they’ve made, the bowler hats are perfect if you want to  give your wardrobe an interesting , edgy twist.

Winter should be “cool”, so make sure you enjoy yourself.

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