Style Tip 4 - Sexy Style


Sexy Style

DONT wear a skimpy top and skimpy bottom.  If your top is tight or low cut or has spaghetti straps, wear a skirt that's knee length and not sheer.  Same with tight jeans.  Remember, dressing sexy is achieved by wearing one sexy thing at a time.

DONT try force your figure into every style.  Certain styles will never look good on you.  Respect that fact and dress in what suits you.

DONT be that girl with her thong hanging out of her jeans.  A bra strap is all right.  So is wearing cute underwear.  Even though no one notices, it'll still make you feel sexy.  And feeling sexy gives you confidence, which makes you look sexy.

DONT use dressing sexy  to get something from a guy.  To manipulate or make him jealous.  you'll end up regretting it later.

DO check out v'neck tops.  They look great on everyone, no matter what your size or shape, and create the illusion on a slimmer waist, an attractive feature when dressing sexy.

DO look for skinny fabrics and cuts.  Fabrics that flow and drape over the body create more of a vertical line, making you look slimmer.

DO take care of your body.  Treat your body well, your hair, skin, nails, eat right and exercise.  See how sexy and confident it makes you feel, no matter what you wearing.

DO check out the latest fashion trends.  Maxi Dresses and skirts, chic shapes, vintage looks and belts are in and hot.

DO remember less is more.  Not too much make up or perfume.  When a girl is natural she is hot and not trying to hard.

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