Style Tip 5 - build a stylish wardrobe


With everything rising in our economy, and your fashion shopping budget is getting less and less, know you can build a stylish wardrobe without spending a lot of money.  The ability to become stylish doesn't need to be limited by your budget.  You can always find designer looks for less. This way you'll still look like a fashionista. if you shop wisely and carefully (without swiping those credit cards) you can look stylish and sexier and still have the money to go out on that hot date!
you need to remember: 

1.  Being stylish has nothing to do with your size. It is about making the most of your shape. 

2.  Being stylish does not have to break the bank.  looking good isn’t about money, it’s about style, and style never goes out of fashion.

3.  There are 10 essential items every woman should own:
      1. Basic black dress
      2. Trench coat
      3. Classic dress pants
      4. White shirt
      5. Jeans
      6. sweater
      7. Skirt
      8. Day dress
      9. Blazer
     10. A comfortable alternative to the sweatsuit

4.  Instead of buying something new, think about spending part of your budget on tailoring clothes you already own.

5.  Indulge in fun jewellery like a statement-making necklace, bracelet or cocktail ring. You don't have to spend more than R30 or R20.  find an item that you can wear with lots of different outfits and to different occasions.

6.  good posture: this style tip is free. We look better, people perceive us more positively and we look as though were completely confident in how we're presenting ourselves to the world. You can be immaculately dressed, and if you have poor posture, then you're not going to be able to pull it off.

7.  Stay up to date with all of your favorite stores' sales. Sign up for on-line newsletters and check their websites and flyers frequently to see when the sales will be going on. The best times to shop for winter clothing is when the summer clothing is being put on display. Shop for summer clothing when the winter clothing is being put on the racks.

8.  Browse your local thrift and goodwill shops. You can sometimes find great name brand clothing at bargain prices. People often turn in brand new clothing with the tags still on them.

9.  Shop in factory outlet stores. Factory outlet stores often offer clothing at lower prices what is found in high end retail stores.

10.  Trade clothes with your friends or family members who wear the same size as you. Trade clothes with each other and everybody gets a few new outfits.

The bottom line is, blowing your rent money on one outfit isn't dressing to impress. What matters is how you present yourself.  The clothes we wear send a message to the world about how we want to be perceived.

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