Spring/Summer 2013 fashion trend: Metallic/holographic's


Lustrous foils, precious-metal prints, iridescent fabrics and holographic finishes brought glitter, gleam and gloss to the catwalks, shining on all of the major runways of the world, the metallic trend.

From flirty, feminine frocks and shimmering pencil skirts, to iridescent pastel coats and delicate brocade jackets, everything fashion has had a metallic make-over for spring / summer 2013. Metallic clothing trend allows you to create a stunning look without spending too much energy and time on it!

This is a bold look, definitely not for the faint-hearted, but they're definitely worth the risk.
Stick to one item at a time and matte metallics are ideal for those who want to test the waters with the fashion trend.

A Metallic bag, be it gold, copper or silver, is a versatile bag colour that is way less boring than black but just as user friendly.
A beaded metallic top is a great way to make a pair of dark denim jeans worn for a night out.  Metallic isn’t just for formal anymore and the use of them in a more casual tank top.

1. Keep accessories minimal 
Since metallics pack a significant visual punch all on their own, there’s no need to go overboard with accessories. If you are going with a more prominent metallic piece, rather than a style that simply has metallic accents (an all-metallic dress or blazer) you’ll want to keep accessories basic or forfeit them completely. 

2. Pair metallics with neutrals 
Its easy to incorporate metallics into your wardrobe this spring by wearing them with neutrals. Silver jackets paired with stark white trousers,or pair short-sleeved white blouses with metallic pencil skirts to create looks that are eye-catching yet elegant. By using neutrals to balance out a metallic piece you can keep your look on-trend without going over the top. Pair a metallic pencil skirt with a cream or grey sweater or tone down a pair of sequined cropped pants with a fitted shirt in basic black or pearly white.  

3. Choose form-fitting pieces
Most designers chose form-fitting metallics to create sleek looks balanced by looser blouses, jackets or pants.  Short and tight gold skirts, metallics tend to look more polished when worn closer to the body, creating an evening-appropriate look that’s both elegant and edgy. Add black ankle boots or gladiator sandals to toughen up the ensemble and add interest to your overall look. Loose metallic jackets can be worn by belting or balanced by fitted pants and skirts, which kept ensembles looking clean and refined.

4. Wear one metallic piece at a time
The key to wearing metallics and keeping your look polished was to choose one piece and accentuate it accordingly.  Since metallics create such a bold statement, wearing too many at once can cheapen a look. Choose one key piece (slim pant, statement bag) and let it be the star of your outfit.

Metallics offer a fun way to freshen up your look for spring and update your wardrobe for a new season. Whether through pairing with neutrals or keeping accessories minimal, the key is to wear them in a way that anchors rather than overwhelms an outfit

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