When To Wear Ankle vs. Boots


Every woman ought to have at least one pair of boots.  Once ankle booties came on to the scene, deciding between them and my always reliable knee-high boots became somewhat of a dilemma. I love boots cause they can be worn any time of the year.


Booties and ankle boots were huge last year, and the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Ankle boots, like their name would suggest, sit at or slightly above ankle-height. Though high-heeled ankle booties have been seen on celebrities and fashionistas, flat ankle boots, especially with embellishment have become increasingly popular as well.

Choose your heel height wisely. For most of us, flat ankle boots will be a more practical option than their high-heeled ones. For fancier occasions, ultra high-heeled platform booties are a stylish, showstopping option.
Whether they're flat or heeled, ankle boots and long skirts or maxi skirts are classic combinations for fall.  Show off those legs by paring ankle boots with leggings, skinny jeans, or short skirts and dresses. They also look amazing when worn with tights.

Medium: Mid-Calf & Knee-High Boots

Medium rise (mid-calf and knee-high) boots are likely what you think of when you hear the word “boot.” Medium rise boots are always in style. Classic rise boots edge up summer staples like sundresses and denim cut-offs. The classics never go out of style!

Know your occasion. Classic-rise boots come in a ton of different varieties, each of which can put a different spin on an outfit. In general, slouchy and cowboy styles are more casual, while luxurious leather or suede boots, heeled or flat, provide a more formal option.

Tuck them in or leave them out. Skinny jeans tucked into mid-rise boots is definitely a fall staple. Another option, however, is to wear your boots under your favorite pair of boot-cut jeans. The result is totally chic–just a peek of the heel and toe of your boots!

Consider your calves. Classic-rise boots can hit mid-calf or just below the knee. Either way, it’s important that the boot doesn’t gape too much–it should fit snugly but comfortably around your leg. If you have athletic or curvy legs, stretchy, slouchy, or zippered styles are a great bet.

High: Thigh-High & Over-the-Knee

Over-the-knee boots are this winter’s hottest trend in shoes. They’re totally wearable no matter your height. Thigh-high boots are fashion-forward, and will definitely add some edge to your outfit. They can also look downright chic when worn with a dress or cigarette pants.

Be fearless! Though tall boots can seem tough to wear, they’re incredibly easy to pull off and can really add sophistication to an otherwise basic outfit. If you would normally wear classic-rise boots with an outfit, then thigh highs would likely look equally awesome. If you’re wearing something short, make sure to add tights or leggings since over-the-knee boots are already super sexy on their own.

Keep it simple. Because these boots attract attention, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit simple so your boots will really make a statement. I like them without much embellishment or detailing since their rise alone makes a huge impact. If you like your boots embellished, it’s especially important to keep the rest of your look simple and go easy on the accessories.

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  2. Every woman ought to have at least one pair of boots. Once ankle booties came on to the scene, deciding between them and my always ... anklebootswomen.blogspot.com


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