Fashion: Tips on Wearing Leggings


What’s not to love about leggings? They’re comfortable. They’re slimming.  Leggings will probably never go out of style, and they add practicality to your wardrobe.  I personally love leggings. When done right, they can look hip, fashionable and effortless. Done wrong, they are the epitome of tacky, shabby and, at times, vulgar. 

I can't help but notice all the seemingly sensible women stepping out of doors wearing leggings as pants. The number of sightings is truly disturbing and with leggings season just gearing up, I thought it be our duty to remind fashionistas how to wear them and, most importantly, how not to wear them.

This is very obvious, but the safest way to wear leggings is with a tunic that hits about mid-thigh. This way, you’ll get the look of leggings, but still have plenty of hip, butt, and crotch coverage. Always a good thing!

Wear leggings under the too short skirts or dresses:  If you’re not fond of the colour or texture of your legs, or if it’s just too cold, leggings are a great way to still wear your favourite dresses and skirts without revealing too much! Brave a ‘too short’ skirt, dress or pair of shorts you wouldn’t wear on its own with a pair of leggings and boots or pumps.

Is Wearing Leggings as Pants Ever Okay?  Think of Them as Accessories, Not Trousers.  Don’t ever wear leggings as pants.  We get that you love showing off your legs…but that’s no excuse to show off your crotch and behind, too.  No one is interested in seeing your hip bones, heaven forbid, camel toe and believe me, we can see it all.  So, always wear your leggings with a top that covers everything that needs to be covered. Feeling a bit frumpy with a long, oversized top? Then emphasise your waist with a cute belt or try leggings paired with an oversized button-down or long, punk-inspired t-shirt. 

Printed and textured leggings: If you’re bored of the same boring black or grey leggings, why not try something different by pairing your fave dress with printed leggings. Think floral, abstract or even go grunge with a cross motif. Or, go a step further by braving a pair of leather leggings – but keep the rest of your look simple to avoid looking like a wannabe biker chick.

Don’t forget about jeggings! If leggings aren’t exactly your thing, why not meet the trend half way buy getting yourself a pair of jeggins (jeans + leggings). They’re not as thick as denim jeans, but they’re not as “skimpy” as leggings either… the best of both worlds!  

As you can see, there are many ways to wear leggings. Whether we choose to dress our leggings down or dress them up, there is one certain thing – we will need to have several different pairs of leggings for the upcoming season!

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  1. Those are some pretty helpful tips on how to wear leggings for women. Love all the modeling pics you chose!

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