We do not normally consider the nails to be majorly affected by trends, but lately that has been changing drastically. Much like the rest of a beauty look, from the clothing to the shoes, the accessories and the makeup or hair, the nails are an essential part to completing a general outfit, jazzing it up or toning it down. We have seen some pretty cool designs for the spring season, so it is quite likely that the fall/ winter 2017 nail trend.

Metallic dipped fingers, matte grape hues and midnight blue manicures are some of our favourite nail looks from the catwalks. Pretty nudes were also key, adding a simplistic touch to an already moody-hued make-up palette.

Painting all your nails in a one shade or motif is so last year.  In 2017, every nail has its own identity - A different coloUr for every nail... I like that whether a solid colour or a hint of rainbow can work.

Nails take on a vampier look this year.  Ranging from Taupe, brown, earthy colours, muddy tones and deep red (no bright reds!) dark polishes remain an instantly classy and classic winter look. Dark polishes are perfect for every skin tone and look great on all nail shapes and lengths.

If you want to infuse some colour into your beauty routine but candy hues aren't your style, pastels are just as fresh, whether you prefer an almost-nude apricot or something soft and pink.

Subtle metallics give off a winter vibe without veering too far back into the holiday category, and adds an extra chromatic element to your cold weather uniform.

Nail trendsetters agree that almond-shaped nails will be big for 2017, but a longer tapered square is all over social media, and on the fingers of our favourite celebrities.  I do believe there are classic nails that never go out of style. If art isn’t your strong suit you can still make a shape, or shade that will make you feel special and confident.

Thank you so much for reading!
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