Eco Friendly Fashion


The trend towards designing, manufacturing and purchasing green fashion is increasing with each year. Eco-friendly fashion is a hot trend. And you don't have to sacrifice style or pay an arm and a leg to get eco-friendly trendy clothes.  organic clothing never goes out of style and It's becoming available in more clothing stores every season, making it easier to find for most people. It is also available online in organic clothing stores.

Eco friendly fashion does not just mean recycled clothing. New clothes are definitely okay, but being green about it means that we have to be aware about how they were made and engage in fair trade and make sure that their workers are working under humane and favorable conditions.

Eco friendly clothing should be made with a high percentage of organic materials or reusing fabric, such as cotton grown without pesticides and silk made by worms fed on organic trees, fabrics that don't involve the use of harmful chemicals and bleaches to colour fabric. And most importantly, eco-friendly clothes are made to last, so that people can keep them for longer.

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