Colour blocking


Spring is fast approaching, and it’s high time to start getting ready for the warm weather.  I know — it's freezing out, and it seems a little crazy to be daydreaming about spring clothes. But this Spring/Summer is all about bright colours and bold prints. So, it’s the right time to ditch the dark and heavy Winter clothes and go for something colourful and trendy, must-have pieces of the season.

Colour Block Trend:

The trend that is popping out everywhere this season is colour block fashion trend.  Fun and playful dresses in striking combination's are in.  rock a mix of hot pink, emerald green, tangerine, lemon yellow, turquoise and many more vibrant shades. Try out colour blocking effect on clothes, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories for a fun-edgy look. 

The best colour blocking outfits I have seen have a minimum of 2 colours and a maximum of 4 colours. If your outfit has less than 2 colours it’s not colour blocking. If you go over 4 colours you risk looking like a rainbow.

Opposites attract. Study the good old colour wheel and pull opposite colours together in one outfit. If you want to tone it down, then colour block colors that are next to each other on the colour wheel. Like Yellow-Green, Yellow and Orange-Yellow…  but if you like to be bold and love this trend then do opposite colorus.

Use solid colours. Stay away from print because that can cause your outfit to be busy. You want to keep your colour blocking as simple as you can. Keep accessories to a minimum as well.

This is the most important rule! Every colour has a shade/tone/hue. In order to make different colours appear balanced keep the hue of the colours in your outfit the same.

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