The Kitten Heel back again!


They are back!! and are called kitten heels and those heels are comfortable and practical.  They are turning up all over the place.  Kitten heel or low-heeled shoes are a life saver for those who lack balance and grace, but would still like a little boost in terms of height.

A Kitten heel is a short, slender heel, usually from 3.5 centimeters (1.5 inches) to 4.75 centimeters (1.75 inches) high with a slight curve setting the heel in from the edge of the shoe. The style was popularized by Audery Hepburn, and are the best friends of women working outside the home all day.  Kitten heels are probably the most controversial of all shoe styles, due to their demure height. Its Difficult to remain neutral as it is the classic “love 'em or hate 'em” trend.  a lot of peopl "can’t walk in them" and think they ugly and should be banned.  It shouldn't matter what people think about them, if you like them, rock them!

The height of some these heels nowadays is absolutely absurd, you can hardly stand in them yet alone walk in them. The Kitten heels, fashionable elegance, without the pain little heel still enables maximum stomping and running for buses, and errands. kitten heels are the perfect compromise for women who want to look elegant and sexy without the pain of four-inch dominatrix stilettos.

Kitten heels are safer and more comfortable to walk in than a normal high heel, classic and versatile and They come in a range of fun colours and cute prints.  Wear kitten heels with a well-cut trouser or chic, pleated skirt. Or Wear kitten heels with jeans, tights, a knee-length skirt. Kitten heels look best with pencil skirts. Try kitten heels with a dress. Select kitten heels with pointed toes and no decoration for the sleekest look.  Avoid black pumps with ankle straps because they cut off the leg line and make petites look shorter.  Keep your look ladylike and classy!

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