On Trend: The Boy Friend Jean


Boyfriend jeans has been an ongoing trend for about two years now.  They are a throwback to fabulous 50s and they are just as great now as there were then.  The new, skinnier boyfriend jeans are relaxed and comfortable.  Washed out and worn in, slouchy and slashed, boyfriend jeans were definitely made for living and women of all ages can wear them.

The fear of boyfriend jeans looking too much like you literally pulled them out your boyfriend's closet, is a concern for most, but boyfriend jeans can be feminine if dressed up correctly. A pair of heels and a feminine top can make the look go from masculine to sexy street style in a second.

A pair of boyfriend jeans can look either dressy or casual depending on what other pieces it is paired with. A pair of classy heels and a nice silk blouse move the jeans up the formality scale, while a pair of sandals or sneakers plus a casual top move the jeans downwards. Attempting to dress up a ripped up pair of faded boyfriend jeans is more challenging than dressing up a tailored pair in a dark wash.

find jeans that fit you correctly. Boyfriend jeans are meant to be loose and roomy, but they should still fit in the waist. Opt for a straight-leg style.

choose a pair that has a "worn-in" look. After all, the concept of boyfriend jeans is that you have, in theory, stolen your boyfriend's favorite pair of worn jeans. They shouldn't look brand new.

Pair the denim with a feminine shirt. It doesn't have to be tight-fitting, but something that has a girly aspect to it like frills, bright colours or fun patterns. This will help balance out the masculinity of the pants.

Roll them up for a cropped look. They look great rolled and paired with everything from stilettos to flat sandals and ankle boots.

Don't go overboard with the "worn-in" look. A few holes and tears in the denim is part of the look, but too many rips makes it look sloppy. Find the happy medium.

Many people think they are hard to pull of because it does nothing to enhance your figure but I think, like all jeans you have to search around and find the right pair for you. 
This look is so fashionable and trendy why not have fun with it.  What is you favorite combination?

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