Sping/Summer 2013 fashion trend: Bird motifs


Bird prints have become incredibly popular this year.  Bird print garments are everywhere you look.  Bird prints have been seen decorating the clothes worn by models on the runways. From loud animal prints, to bold animal motifs. You will find that these bird prints have found their way on almost all accessories including dresses, tops, skirts, jewelry and bags etc.

Bird print ranges from pastel shades to navy blues and these little birdies are beckoning us to take a fashion flight. Swallows, parrots, toucans or cuckoos - this summer, bird-inspired prints are ruling the roost. The designers have taken the bird prints trend into the fashion scene with a more vibrant and bolder twist.


Would you wear bird print? If yes, how would you wear it? If no, why not? Is this look feminine and sweet, or just silly? Do you own any bird print items? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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