Spring/Summer 2013 fashion trend: Water colours


Spring/Summer’s got dreamy, flirty watercolour prints this 2013 with painterly brushstrokes and fluid layers of colour..  The trend includes both ends of the spectrum - soft pastels on one end and bright, vivid colours on another. 

It’s not quite tie-dye and it doesn’t have the structure of Ikat, but the colours flow together in their own way. Sometimes it looks like paint splatter and others it truly looks like a great marriage of cold and warm tones, making the fabric and the garment really interesting and beautiful. It can even be done in monotone or a two-colour pattern, but it doesn’t look like it’s deliberate, perfectly symmetrical or trying too hard.

Though it was most popular in the springtime, we certainly love all the colours it brings to summer, as well. The whimsicality of the pattern is enough to make us happy.

Watercolour print not only exists in scarves, but in dresses, accessories, flowy chiffon tops and skirts as well. There are a number of ways you can add a hint of this trend into your wardrobe. 

We know, we know--the look is so easy and springy! But if you really want to bring your style up to speed, brighter pants are the way to go. Choose one colour from your shirt, then find a pair of slim cropped trousers in a similar shade.

Easily paired with neutrals, black and other prints to make a number of ensembles for your summer days. Dressed up or dressed down, you can never go wrong with a watercolour.

How do you feel about the watercolour trend?  Let us know in the comments below!

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