Spring/Summer 2013 fashion trend: 60's mod squad


The 60's was probably one of the biggest era's to make a fashion comeback in the industry and yet again it is a huge trend!  Take inspiration from the playful side of the '60s in bold prints, bright colours and short a-line hems. This spring the evolution of the mod revival continues.  This season’s take on the ’60s pursues a sexy, colorful and youthful vibe, paying tribute to girls like Twiggy, Françoise Hardy and Jane Birkin. 

Mini Skirt
You can thank the 1960s for the mini skirt. Before then, hemlines were more demure (knee-length and longer), but the '60s was all about showing some leg -- a notion we can definitely get behind. The key to pulling off a super short skirt is by toning down the rest of your look. Instead of a low cut top, opt for a high-necked blouse, and your heels shouldn't be more than a couple inches high. That way you still look sexy without veering into way-too-skimpy territory. Also, if you want your mini skirt to have an ultra-'60s vibe, choose a bold colour like tangerine. The '60s were not about being super subtle, and so bright shades (especially orange) were very in fashion. 
Classic Cat eye
Classic Cat Eye - Winged tip eyeliner or the "cat eye" was made famous by 1960s icons like Brigitte Bardot. Decades later it's still going strong and can be seen on stars like Adele and Zooey Deschanel.

Babydoll Dress
LBD (Little Babydoll Dress) - Like the mini skirt, the mini dress was also popular during the '60s. So what exactly makes a dress babydoll style? Typically it has a super short hemline, a high neckline, and an empire waist. A babydoll dress is ultra-girly, so pair it with a few sophisticated elements like a red lip or nude flats to toughen it up a bit.
To really channel the decade, choose a babydoll dress in a pastel, like light pink or a mint green, to get that retro feel. (Pastels were huge during the '60s.) Just make sure the rest of your accessories are in neutral shades. 

Peter Pan collar
Peter Pan Neckline -
Bulky, down jackets were not in during the '60s; instead outwear was all about feminine silhouettes and pretty wool coats. Look for a fit-and-flare style coat -- this means it should be more tailored up top and then float away from the body from the waist down.

For a true '60s vibe, go for a coat with a rounded peter pan collar (another major fashion trademark of the decade). And instead of black or gray, choose a cheerful colour like sky blue, bright yellow, or rosy pink. After all, a bold winter coat is a great way to stand out in a sea of black jackets. 

These are just some of the ways you can wear this trend. 

60s style is a trend that can work for any season. Mini skirts are forever chic, and retro shift dresses are ultra-flattering on almost any body type. And of course there's nothing like a beehive to give your hair instant volume. Still think this all sounds a little too outdated? Scroll down to see the ways to mod-ify your style.  

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