super hot Trend: Leather / PU


Who doesn’t love leather? Leather (or faux leather) is one of those timeless materials that will never go out of style. Whether real or faux, the trend can add edge to any outfit.  Now that designers are treating leather as if it were fabric—dyeing it in punchy colours, cutting it into feminine shapes, and draping it in novel ways, Paper-thin hides, as well as hidden slits to keep you feeling (and looking) cool.

Now leather is working across the seasons.  Lighter weight leathers and in lighter hues will of course be ideal, but your black pleated leather skirt is a hot item to have, even in spring.
This isn't a heavy head-to-toe rock 'n' roll look.  Leather is so easy to wear and can be worn in many different styles, shapes and colours. 

Go for classically cut pieces you can transition. Highwaisted shorts, loose-fitting tops in bright hues and skirts are perfect for office days or date nights.

Wear Leather in Small Doses. Leather is ultra sexy, and it is great for a night out on the town where you know there will be a cool nights breeze or going in and out of air-conditioned buildings all day.  

Keep the Look Seasonal. For example, choose mini skirt or loose shorts a vest or leather booties. Regardless of what bottoms you choose, make it a point to keep whatever area you aren’t wearing in leather lighter in colour and fabric.

If you not big into leather, but still want to be on trend.  You can find almost any fabric combined with leather details.  Think T-shirts with leather patch pockets, leather binding, leather shoulder patches on knits and denim.  There are so many leather combo's out there its hard not to be on trend.

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