Ways to Wear White Jeans


White clothing is certainly having a trending moment right now, and there are plenty of different ways to wear white pants this season. Work a crisp, sophisticated look in a pair of white pants.  Forget your fear of red wine spills and dirty lawn chairs--you need a pair of white jeans this summer. Dress them down for a fresh summer look or layer them up for a stylish winter outfit. If you’re unsure of how to make this trend work in your wardrobe, check out our pick of street style inspired ways to wear white pants below.

One of my go-to summer staples is the white jean.  What I love most about them is that they are great to wear casually, or they can be dressed up to go out for a night on the town.  And, they aren’t as hot as blue denim. Bonus: you can get away with wearing them to work.  The secret to wearing white, is to keep it simple- never has the ‘less is more’ moto been so valid.

  • Finding the right pair for your bod is absolutely essential. Fit matters more with a white jean than it does with regular denim, because the colour is much less forgiving. Keep the trendy fits (high waist, low rise, boyfriend) to good old blue jeans and choose a more classic shape for your white ones, so you don't end up looking like a fashion victim. And you don't need to be a size two to wear them--if you're not comfortable with anything very fitted, opt for a pair of trouser jeans that have a wider leg, back flap pockets, and a flat front. You can also wear a long top or a tunic that covers areas you not happy with. I think white straight leg jeans look good on just about everyone, and if you've got the guts to wear skinnies, even better. 
  • It sounds like a daunting task, but you've got to keep your white jeans impeccably clean. Don't be afraid to use a little bleach in the wash. Fill your washer, add the detergent and bleach, and let the jeans soak for a couple of hours before actually starting the cycle. Avoid high temps in both the washer and dryer, which can cause yellowing due to high alkaline levels.
  • When it comes to ways to wear white pants, sticking to a neutral palette is a popular option. opt for neutral top or blouse with neutral shoes and accessories. simple and so classy.
  • Summer is the quintessential season for white denim. Change up your usual look but adding in new trends like tropical prints or pastels (or both). A bold pair of wedges stand out even more next to the blank canvas of white jeans.
  • Go seamless. Choosing the right type of undergarments is an important aspect of rocking white jeans — this definitely isn’t the time to wear your favorite pair of hot pink bikini-style undies! Instead, look for seamless styles in colours that match your skintone for a VPL-free look.
  • As all of you very well know, the accessories are very important for any stylish look and can really take one look to another level. Statement jewelry is perfect for summer looks so use its advantages – layer bracelets, choose colourful earrings or put on a bold statement necklace. As well as accessories, shoes or sandals can also make a bold statement.
  • In the summer you should have wardrobe essentials such as the classical blouse which is perfect for day and evening looks. Choose between sheer ones or colourful blouse, from denim blouses to printed ones and combine them with white jeans.
  • ADD SOME COLOUR. white denim looks great with bright pops of colours like corals and yellows. A denim jacket is the perfect compliment to white pants in the spring, as well as a perfect pair of neutral sandals.  A bright jewel tone pops so much more against a glowing white backdrop. Throw on a few ethnic-inspired accessories and a pair of cork wedges.  

Do you own a pair of white jeans yet? What do you wear yours with? Any secrets for keeping 'em clean? Share!!

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