Jelly shoes are back... I can't believe this shoe trend is back, i personally don't like the traditional jelly shoe, but shoe designers have taken the trend to the next level! 

Jelly shoes seem all the rage for 2014.  I remember back in the 90s rocking these shoes, and they seem to be making a big come back, with some of the top shoe designs like Christian Louboutin's Spring 2014 collection.

So what do we love so much about jelly shoes? I suppose my main interest in them is that ability to evoke a certain nostalgia, many girls my age have commented on the trend remembering owning pairs of plastic sandals at the age of four or five.  

They're also an attractive avenue because they are a cheap alternative from leather platform sandals, can be worn with vibrant and colourful socks and allow the feet to breath in what is often hot summer air. So you can buy a few pairs without breaking the bank and enjoy vibrant coloured shoes on your feet suitable for adventures in the city, going to the park and long walks on the beach.

It may seem strange to some people that anyone would make sandals in clear, see-through plastic but the beauty in this idea is opening a world of opportunities, with so many great versions in the shops how can you not like it.

What do you think: will you flash back to your childhood in jelly sandals this summer?

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