Trend watch: Contrast Collars and how to wear them


Would You Wear… a Contrasting Collar? 

The past few seasons have brought a variety of changes to the traditional collar. From removable collars to jeweled collars, 'Contrast Collars' as they are often referred to, have been around for a while now and the high street have gone well and truly mental for them.

The concept is basic: a contrasting collar pops against the colour or print of the rest of the garment. White shirts with black collars are pretty common these days, but now a variety of unique colours and styles are available.

There is no better way to make a collar stand out than make it contrast with your outfit.  It’s a look that can be both classic and ladylike; edgy and quirky (especially if you vary the shape and collar of the collar!)

Whether you prefer lace, jewels, studs or solid colours, there is definitely a collar to suit anyone’s style!

A contrasting collar can make a busy shirt less overwhelming, a plain shirt more interesting, a formal shirt more casual, a casual shirt more formal. It can also brighten up a dark look or give some weight to a light look.

A busy, all-over pattern can be overwhelming, especially right next to your face. A solid- coloured collar creates a strong division between the shirt and your face and helps keep the pattern from being too distracting.

Detachable collars are becoming more and more popular in stores, and are the easiest way to make this look work.

Tip for this trend? Buttoning it all the way to the top keeps the structure of the collar and shows off your stunning new trend.

If a high-collared shirt isn't really your thing, you can get a similar effect with a jacket or blazer with a contrasting collar.

Would you wear a contrasting collared shirt or dress?
Do you have already have a piece with a bold collar? Do you see this trend sticking around long-term or is it a short-lived fad? Let us know by leaving your thoughts in the comment section!

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