The sneakers/trainers/running shoes trend, whatever you want to call it, has exploded onto the fashion scene for 2014 and is really taking off!  Brands like Nike, New Balance and more are releasing their takes on the sneakers and fashion bloggers, celebrities from across the globe have jumped on board the trend!

A cool pair of comfy lace-ups is the perfect way to dress down a fancier frock or add an unpredictable twist to a more casual ensemble.  As we saw on the Chanel and Dior Couture runways, these pumped up kicks are being worn with anything and everything, including skirts and dresses.

Wearing heels 24 hours just sounds impossible. Sandals and boots aren’t for every season and sneakers just seem to be the way to go sometimes. But sometimes it can be challenging to incorporate into a fashionable outfit, without looking like you just hit the gym. I’ve included multiple photos of street style stars, bloggers and more sporting the sportswear trend and rocking it! we all want to feel pretty, girly, and even sexy while wearing sneakers.  

1. Don’t just wear any sneaker
You should have non-gym sneakers that are clean and flattering, and have a certain classy look about them – you want people to know you’re wearing them as a fashion statement.

2. All or nothing
Depending on your personality, you’ll either want to stock up on barely-there ankle socks or go all in with eye-catching socks that complement your ensemble.

3. Be particular with the rest of your outfit
Make sure the rest of your outfit is polished with clean lines (in other words, no frumpy pants that sag over your cool sneakers). The whole point is to offer a stylish contrast between masculine and feminine.

4. Start with a monochromatic look
If you’re new to the world of cool sneakers, make a splash by wearing a monochromatic look and use your sneakers as the pop of colour your outfit is waiting for. Keep the colour palette simple for a complicated shoe.

5. Mix and match
Experiment! Mix different outfits with different cool sneakers without fear you’re “doing it wrong.” Go with your gut and wear what you love – confidence will always make or break an outfit.

6. Go super feminine
Wear form-fitting, girly pieces (like leggings, skinny jeans, or maxi skirts), which will turn your sneakers into a cute accessory instead of an eyesore. 

7. Keep an eye on proportions
Wearing high-top sneakers with a knee-length skirt will make you look shorter – opt for low-tops that will elongate your legs. 

8. Accessorize accordingly
Adding sophisticated accessories will l any doubt that you’re on your way to the gym. Opt for things like a super-tailored blazer, lux fabrics like cashmere, straight leg jeans or a structured bag.

Hopefully this gives you some great inspiration on how to include sneakers into your outfits, whether they be neon, coloured or neutral!  From high-top cut-outs to low-top lace-ups, sneakers are all about keeping it classic. And comfy, of course. Here are some ideas on just how to rock them…

 Which looks do you like? If you love the sneakers trend.

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