Cad Artist: Do You Have What It Takes?


Computer aided drafting and designing is a specialist area of designing which requires the designer to visualize a model or design of the intended object and create a blueprint digitally.  Hand drawing is out and CAD drawing is IN... 

Hand drawing is nice if you need to do a quick sketch with a client or quickly need to sketch a concept, but CAD designing is the way forward in the fashion industry.

A CAD artist may design models for ships, aircrafts, skyscrapers, buildings, small containers and bottles, and even animation and special effects used in movies / TV /advertisements etc. However, a CAD designer usually specializes in a particular field.

A CAD artist is required to have great mental capabilities for visualization, creating models, angles, dimensions, first in the mind, and then digitally.  CAD artists are also involved in the drafting stage - so materials, resources etc are also their concern, before the design is actually reproduced.

CAD artist in the Fashion Industry.  It is used typically to assist in the design process. CAD allows designs to be even more detailed making it easier to ensure that designs are flowing together in a collection.  It also lets the fashion designer view different designs, colours, and different patterns on different models.  It makes design process more sophisticated and can be used in place of regular designing methods such as drawing and can be used to see a design, fabric, and colour all at once before producing the product.

It assists Merchandisers, pattern makers and seamstresses to visually see the correct styling, contrast areas, closure etc

CAD designing makes the design process quicker allowing the designer to make changes to an idea.
Today computer Aided design is a part of the qualifications for a fashion designer. It has also had an impact on the way designers conduct business. It Gives the designer more flexibility in the area of colour and change on a product.

CAD Designers are responsible for creating seasonal prints, pattern and embroidery work (florals, stripes, plaids, repeats, placement prints etc) for use in all product categories from concept to pre-production. CAD designers collaborate with Merchandising teams to keep prints and patterns fresh and ahead of the competition. CAD Designers are highly creative, passionate about the brand and customer,  they have a great sense of style, a strong eye for trend and colour, and possess strong communication and organization skills.

I love being able to CAD, definitely a neat skill to have, you really can make your designs come to life, more interesting, more realistic, more creative by using many of the tools in the Design programs like Photoshop, illustrator or Coral Draw. 

Below is a few CAD examples that i have done.  Please do not copy,  these are for reference only.

Can you CAD? what programs do you use? let us know by leaving a comment below.

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