Latest Trends: Ripped Jeans


Ripped jeans trend is again at the peak of popularity, so every girl should have at least one ripped jean.  Be it skinny, mom, boyfriend or cuffed and cropped, and the more holes the better!  ripped jeans are the must haves for 2015The irony of ripped denim is that it takes care to engineer something so careless. But it's that careless factor that keeps it on the fashion radar.  This hobo style ripped jeans trend can be a sexy way to show skin in winter and I think it just gives a girl such edge!

The main challenge consists in trying to maintain a state of comfort, while still aiming for the distressed jeans to look effortlessly pulled together. If your goal is to turn them into a statement by keeping in touch with the core of the trend, opt for those boyfriend jeans featuring cuts that expose whole knees or sections of leg, To take things even further, look out for the new takes on denim, enhanced either with subtle embroideries, or shiny sequins.

If you seek something that will probably last you longer, promising to transition you through many more of the seasons to come, choose subtle shreds in your jeans and contrast their rebellious attitude using soft pastel tones, lightweight fabrics, delicate embroideries and statement heels.

In terms of colour, the ripped denim options are equally varied. From washed to dark blues, from white to black and the occasional gray in between, with or without embellishments, everything goes as long as it features the mandatory holes and shreds.

High heel shoes can look good with ripped jeans but it depends on the style of the shoes. Stilettos, flashy pumps and boots, go for trendy shoes with wider heels and/or platform. Open toe shoes softens the jeans - making it look more feminine and girly. 

To give your distressed jeans a more dressy and trendy look throw in bangle bracelet, high heels, necklace or a fedora hat. Make sure that they are simple in colour and design and that they don't look too shabby with the rest of the outfit. 

Take a look at our favourite Fashionistas wearing the Ripped Jeans!

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