Transition your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall


It’s that time of year where half of us are still wearing crop tops and sandals, and the other half are wearing leather jackets and gloves. Neither look quite right, but you’re confused about how to mix-and-match your summer and fall pieces. That’s the joy of trans-seasonal dressing for you. You may not feel ready to say goodbye to your shorts, sundresses, and rompers just yet! 

Never fear – dressing for crisp fall weather is all about layering. By introducing cardigans, tights, and structured blazers into your fall wardrobe you can keep around the summer pieces that you love just a little bit longer. 

However, there are a few tips to make layering look both polished and effortless. 

1. Stock up on cardigans and belts.

Cardigans, belts, and tights are your best friends when you're transforming your summer wardrobe into something appropriate for cooler weather. A flattering cardigan can be worn over dresses, rompers, and even tee-shirts for a more polished and cosy look. Long cardigans are chic and warm at the same time. Cinch the look with a belt to create a slimmer silhouette.

2. Pay attention to proportions.

One reason why many of us are afraid to layer is because we think we'll look bigger with multiple layers of clothing. However, if you take care to pay attention to the proportions of the overall outfit, you can flatter your curves rather than pad them out. Wear fitted basics close to the skin and choose structured blazers over scruffy cocoon sweaters if you're afraid of looking dowdy. A puffy jacket on top of tiny shorts won't look proportional, but a slim trench just might!

3. Play around with textures.

Part of the fun of layering is combining different patterns, colours, and prints. You can also experiment with contrasts in texture for a more stylish look. Try pairing a fuzzy mohair sweater with a corduroy miniskirt, or a pair of tweed shorts and black tights. The contrast between autumnal fabrics like wool and leather and summery cotton or linen can be interesting, fresh, and comfortable.

4. Wear classic jackets.

Top off your look for fall with a classic jacket. A cropped motorcycle jacket or denim jacket over a summery dress can look both edgy and feminine, breathing new life into your dress. It's hard to beat the style of a classic trench coat, which can be successfully layered over all of your summer favourites to keep you warm and dry as the temperature starts to drop. 

5. Contrast feminine summer pieces with menswear.

Another way to dress up your light summer wardrobe is with the introduction of menswear accessories. Oxfords, blazers, and woollen scarves can be added to your outfit to make it seem more structured and appropriate for the fall.

6. Ditch the sandals.

Don’t wait until the first signs of frost before you pack your open-toed shoes away. Be kind to your feet and start wearing flats. You don’t have to wear socks yet, but a closed toe will stop your feet from turning purple.

7. Top outfit with accessories.

With the basics of layering completed, you can round out your fall outfits with on-trend accessories, including bracelets, watches, scarves, and cocktail rings. The simple addition of black tights and a lightweight scarf can make many summer outfits suddenly look ready for fall, and don't forget a good pair of rain boots! You can avoid the overly bulky look by following these tips, breathing new life into your summer wardrobe as you enjoy this crisp autumn season.

Still not sure how to transition your wardbrobe, see below for some street style inspiration:

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