I love wearing my trench coat!  It’s one of those versatile pieces that you can have in your closet forever that we need to find alternative ways to rock it.

Trench coats are cool and classic and lend a polished vibe to your look, no matter what you happen to be wearing underneath.  We’ve seen lots of cool spins on the timeless trench this season, from Burberry’s leather sleeves and acid-bright hues to Diane von Furstenberg’s cropped, nylon iterations… and the best thing about the style is that it comes in multiseasonal fabrications and colours, making it an appropriate choice for any occasion.

1. A different colour

Think a tan hue is your only choice? Think again. The streets of fashion weeks reworked the classed beige colour and ladies were seeing rocking different colour trench coats in various shades of blue, black and olive green. 


2. Play with length

Just because it’s not ankle length, doesn’t mean it’s not a trench and doesn’t mean you can’t look just as stylish.

3. Classic doesn’t mean boring

Take advantage of the look’s classic vibe to balance more daring elements in your outfit. The beige colour and knee length allows you to play with various textures, prints and lengths for the rest of the elements in your look.

4.Versatility is your BFF

The sheer number of outfits your trusty trench allows you to play with is a testament to its versatility.

5. Keep It Simple Silly

A trench makes the perfect topper for a minimalist outfit, interesting lapel designs and varying lengths are a great way to add a certain je ne se quoi to your look.

 if you still feeling uncertain on how to dress your trench coat this season, take a look at the below fashionista's rocking the trench coat.

how do you wear your trench coat? tell us by leaving a comment below.


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