Trend Alert: The Cape


Every Winter something you had in your closet for years comes back into fashion. Think leather jackets, trench coats, cacoon coats and back in style for this season - the cape.  The cape is totally on trend this season and will carry on into next season. Capes are all over the runways and have been deemed as a Fall/Winter must-have, a cape can add edge to your Winter Wardrobe, it is effortless to wear and looks great.

So how do you wear capes without feeling like superman? Go with what you are comfortable with. There are different types of capes (Long, medium and short). The long ones get to your ankles, the medium ones get to your waist or hip and the short ones that stop just below your shoulders. 

This winter is easier than ever to give the look a go. Opting for a black cape is always the safest option as you can be guaranteed it will work well with your other wardrobe staples and alongside popular winter colours of khaki, denim and white. For those of you that want to mix it up, grey, camel and stripe patterns work well. So which to buy? If you opt for a cropped cape coat, then wear it with shorter skirts.

A major plus for the cape is its versatility. Paired with tailored pants, shorts or culottes it can be dressed up with a pair of heels for a smart evening look, or dressed down with some super cool slides for a mid day lunch date. A sleek leather tote or a cute fluffy clutch is also a perfect way to add your own personality to the mix!

There are fur capes and wool capes to keep you cozier than you can imagine. Another bonus is that you can wear a cape with almost every outfit since they are so incredibly easy to style.  

See below for street style inspiration, to give you some ideas on how to style your cape.

Are you wearing a cape this winter? How do you wear your cape? Tell us by leaving a comment below:

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