Cuff it - like a pro! (How To)


It’s certainly nothing new.  Women have been rolling their jeans for decades with various levels of style success.  That said, cuffed jeans have made a recent return as celebrities and fashionistas everywhere are rolling up and walking out in style. Perfecting the cuff gives your wardrobe a whole new voice and has the power to completely change a look if done correctly.

ANY jeans style can be cuffed. In as many rolls or folds as you wish. It goes with ANY shoe style. ANY outfit. Any occasion. Any age. Any sex. It’s fantastic. 

Whether it’s to modify the length or because you genuinely like the look, cuffing your pants is just one of those things you do without thinking. But of course, there’s more than one way to cuff. We break down in ways you could rock this trend.

The simple one-fold cuff
Minimal and cute, the one-fold cuff looks great with flat shoes of all sorts, especially loafers, booties and ballet flats.
The extra-long one-fold cuffAn elongated version of the original one-fold cuff, try this style with chunky heels or strappy platform sandals.

The bulky triple cuff
Cuff  three or even four times to get them up to almost capri length. I especially like this cuff with heeled booties and combat boots. 

The "I don't care" roll cuffBeachy and easy, the "I don't care" roll cuff is essentially what happens when you just roughly roll up your pants without creating defined folds.  Pair this cuff with sneakers, flip flops, basic oxfords and a casual top.

1.  Not all styles of pants should be cuffed - Any jean with a flared leg should be left as is, whereas skinny’s, straight legs, and boot cuts can be stylishly cuffed.
2.  Avoid knotting strappy sandals over the cuffs of your denim. This look is strange and sloppy. Instead, save your strappy sandals for shorts, skirts or - if you must pair them with pants - Capris.
3.  Don't re-cuff your pre-cuffed jeans, as this will lead to an excessively bulky look. If they are too long, and you bought them cuffed, you can bring them to the tailor to be fixed. The tailor will be able to detach the bottom portion and then reattach it to the shortened jean.
I encourage everyone to try cuffing their favorite jeans for a fresh, updated look. Updating your style can be easy and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, cuffing is a perfect example of this.


Scroll through for some looks to inspire

Did i miss any specialty cuffs? how do you cuff your pants? is this something you will try? tell us by leaving a comment.

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