Jewellery Trend report: Ear Cuff


Move aside cocktail rings and statement necklaces, the newest jewel in town is the ear cuff.
Ear cuffs aren't exactly the newest trinket in the jewellery box, but they've made quite the comeback lately. If you loved flaunting those chandeliers, studs or hoops, then ear cuffs will surely bedazzle you. Ear cuffs are the latest bling this season and they are surely going to turn heads when you sport them.

A ear cuff gives the illusion of multiple piercings.  Fear not, this clever trend doesn't mean you need to go under the needle just yet...a singular ear piercing is enough and there are even clip ons for the faint-hearted or noncommittal.

Basically, these earrings cling to your cartilage and adorn your ears like a beautiful statement jewellery piece. So, what more can you ask- it is easy to wear, affordable to adopt and fashionable to the core.

The best way to wear it is to have a stud in one ear, and the cuff on the other ear.  Crystal or rhinestone ear cuffs are the way to go because they make the biggest statement.

Show off the bling even more by pulling your hair to the side opposite the cuff.

My Must haves:

There is a ear cuff out there for every taste. Shop my picks for the chicest options to try this season.

1.  CHELSEA DOLL Dragon ear cuff Gold
2.  Sugar & Spike Thin Rhinestone ear cuff
3.  Funky Fish  Star Double Cuff Earrings Gold
4.  Style Republic Diamanté and Pearl Ear Cuff
5.  ASCH Ear Cuff Black (on sale)

Scroll through for great ways to wear your ear cuff, and a few tips to keep you looking fabulous. Use these outfits as inspiration to wear your ear cuff with confidence.

For those of you who aren't sure how to wear ear cuffs, here are instructions for how to put one on:

Would you wear a ear cuff? Or do you stick to normal earrings? Is this look too edgy for your personal taste, or a cool way to add some flair to your outfit? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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