Off the shoulder trend - Spring/Summer, inspiration looks & must haves


Yet another '90s trend is making its way into fashion for summer.  The chic top every stylish girl is wearing right now - Off the shoulder tops (and dresses).  It's the perfect mix of edgy, sexy, and sophisticated.

Apart from the fact that exposing your shoulders is a lot more forgiving than exposing your stomach or upper thighs, its a lot more sexier...  Move over crop tops, there’s a new body part in town. It’s a flirtatious cut that shows just the right amount of skin and feels right on trend.  Off the shoulder tops have a romantic, laid back vibe, and no matter what body shape or size you have you can pair it with pretty much anything you have in your closet, high waist trousers, skinny jeans and denim cutoffs, to midi skirts.  From boho chic, to crisp clean lines, you can created easy breezy outfits to rock all summer long.

When selecting an off the shoulder style, the top should fit your shoulders and bust seamlessly to prevent any mishaps.  The material around your upper arms can fit either loosely (if the body of the dress or top is secure around your waist) or tightly for a more structured look.

You can wear your hair down slightly messy in those beach waves, or pull it up in a messy ponytail/bun and expose the shoulders.

Jewellery wise thin necklaces, layered or not, look fabulous with off the shoulder tops or dresses, and body jewellery is perfect for a sheer or cropped off the shoulder top.

Outfit Inspiration:

If you still don't know or have no idea on how to wear off the shoulder tops or dresses, don't worry you're in the right place.  I have off the shoulder outfits for your inspiration, to help you look amazing on the streets.

Zando - Revenge Off Shoulder Detail Dress Navy  R 699

Zando - London Hub Fashion Off Shoulder Frill Dress Black R 499

Zando - N'joy Foil Print Off Shoulder Top Grey R 299

Michael Kors - Spring 2015

What do you think of this trend? Would you wear off the shoulder tops or dresses? 

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