Mens Longline Tee Trend


Menswear’s latest design obsession: the longline cut.

I am a menswear designer, yet I never do any menswear blog posts. So today I thought I would start by doing a post on men's longline tees.  
The longline has introduced a new, more relaxed silhouette. Inspired by street fashion and the hip hop scene, it has now become the must-have trend in men's fashion.  Longline only means an item that's longer than usual and I think a lot of men don't really understand how to wear it:  it's all a game of proportions.

A longline tee is the perfect way to introduce a fashion-forward twist to your downtime looks and is easier to style than you might think.  It helps elongate the torso and makes you look taller.

Easy to wear, the high-street has adopted this trend offering a number of different variations of the trend. Beginning as a new shape for t-shirt and shirts, the trend has been applied to jumpers, bomber jackets and blazers to give them a reinvention. Still wondering how to wear the trend?  

While this trend might not be for everyone, adding a longline piece to your wardrobe can freshen up your look and the subtle details will complement your overall outfit.  For the best effect, team with slim- or skinny-fit trousers and jeans, which will provide a nice contrast with your oversized top. 

A Zoo York longer length Tee is how you upgrade your wardrobe instantly. Show off this bold print design with hi-top sneakers and ripped jeans. Available here


Here are some street inspirational images that will make you want to wear a longline tee even more:

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