Transition into Fall with The Denim Dress


Dressing up can become a bit confusing when we’re in-between seasons, transitioning from the scorching sunny days of summer to the earliest months of fall.  But, with winter fast approaching, and tons of layering in store, there’s one wardrobe essential that’s a total must-have: The denim dressThey’re comfortable, not too thick, not too thin, and basically go with anything.  Honestly, it’s been on the style radar for quite some time now and the quickest way to turn your denim dresses into a Fall essentials.

Try throwing a sweater on top of your denim dress. There are several ways to go about this:  you can put on a slightly larger sweater so that only a small section of the dress peeks out at the bottom. You can opt for a cropped sweater that hits at your waist, which is a good option for fuller skirts. Or you can go classic and wear a denim dress underneath a cardigan.

Layer your denim dress over a long-sleeve Tee - so the sleeves peep out, you want to stick with sweaters that aren’t too bulky, otherwise the smaller dress will look bulgy and wrinkly.

You can also get some extra wear out of your denim dresses in fall by wearing them with boots. Once the weather is cool enough, boots can actually look pretty good worn with a denim dress. It makes an interesting contrast, especially if you´re bold enough to pair a floaty dress with biker boots.

Leggings or tights are a good way of extending your denim dresses into the fall season.  What is nice about denim dresses is, it acts like as a neutral, so any legging colour or pattern will work with your dress.  In fact, this can give you the opportunity to glam up a plain dress and give it a completely different look.

Denim dresses can have a new lease of life worn as a long top over jeans. This look works best with dresses that have sleeves, rather than strappy dresses, and that are above the knee. A maxi dress over jeans would make you feel like you were wearing a tent!

Covering up with a wrap or a huge scarf is a brilliant way of wearing your denim dress on cooler days. It also gives you the chance to add more colour or contrast. Plus you can be creative with how you style the wrap – try tying and folding it different ways.

Still not sure if this style is for you? Check out these street style looks below:

So, if you've been wondering how to wear your denim dress for fall, here are plenty of ideas! so with these tips you can enjoy wearing them for longer! Have you found any creative ways of wearing summer dresses in fall?

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