Wear SHORTS In Autumn & Winter


The SHORTS-in-the-cold-season look has definitely translated into a trend for the past couple of years.

Since shorts show a lot of skin, you need to work with those made from heavy fabrics for autumn and winter. Materials such as denim, brocade, tweed, corduroy and wool are great choices. Not only are they fashionable, the thick fabric will help keep you warm.

To keep your legs from turning into ice, make sure to layer your shorts with tights. Break out of the box by choosing a teal or burgundy (or even the printed ones.) Add more flair (and keep warm along the way) by adding a pair of fashionable knee-high socks.

Shorts instantly look fantastic paired with autumn and winter items: sweaters, shirts, vests, jackets, coats and what not. In terms of shoes, which set the tone for the whole look, anything goes from ballet flats, to biker boots, to sky high heels, to sneakers.

Street style inspiration:

Still feeling unsure on how to wear your shorts this cold season.  Keep scrolling for street style inspiration to get you wearing your shorts with style this winter!

Do you wear shorts in the cold season?

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