Polyvore app review


Polyvore is a popular social shopping service that started in 2007 and represents a blend of a social network and digital fashion magazine.  If you love fashion you're going to love Polyvore, what i love about it, is that it makes it fun and easy to style outfits, shop for clothes you love, buy the best deals online and discover hot fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle trends, all on-the-go!  6.6 million people visit Polyvore site every month to indulge their inner fashionistas, it encourages amateur and professional fashion lovers, designers and bloggers to create ‘sets’ of related items and post them on their website for others to see.

I downloaded it about 3 years ago, forgot about it, went back on, created a few sets and now i'm addicted...  Like me, you probably can't afford Prada or Chanel, but for a few minutes (OK, I confess to spending up to three hours) you can be an uptown girl, creating your own "sets" or digital fashion scrapbook pages filled with designer clothes. 

It’s your choice whether you save your set, enter contests or publish your sets.  Before you can publish your ‘set’ you must join the Polyvore community. It’s free to join. I'm telling you, this is the most addicting of apps and you won't be able to put it down.  You can scroll down to view some of the sets i have created.

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