The Fishnet Tight Trend


I can’t get away from fishnets on Instagram at the moment and it’s driving me mad. There is nothing chic or classy about fishnet tights, and there is nothing attractive about how the fishnet trend is being worn this season, or is it just me?

But, how do you make this wardrobe staple more winter friendly? According to the Kardashian's and Jenner's... all you have to do is throw a pair of your fishnets underneath! But does this really provide you much more warmth? The answer is no, and what seemed to be a cool weather trend, has now been carried into spring. While yes, we all want to stay warm during the winter, is that the real issue here with this so called "trend?" I personally think that we should be more concerned here with the fact that putting skimpy, slightly slutty tights under really ripped jeans has officially become a fashion statement - and not a good one.

It’s just another stupid trend in a long line of stupid trends that only exist on Instagram. These people can’t possibly be wearing fishnets underneath their mom jeans, in real life... right? And if they are, maybe we really need to start asking what it takes to be a ‘style blogger '. That being said, it’s a trend – either you’ll love it or you’ll hate it.

The controversial trend took off on the AW16 catwalks and we've spotted loads of celebs jumping on the bandwagon ever since - Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Kendall Jenner and Gwyneth Paltrow to name just a few.

It’s the perfect example of how micro-trends tend to go viral within an insular community. Someone bangs a pair of fishnets under their ripped jeans, hashtags it and voilà! It’s all over the ’gram within a week. Fishnets under pants (and over tops) is going to be one of those micro trends that disappears in the click of a finger. (I hope) Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram. Firstly, these influencers may be being paid to tell you that something is good, when they’d never really be caught dead in it.

The only time I say they look good is when a micro-sized fishnet is a worn, its a subtle way to sport the trend. From a distance it’s almost hard to tell that they are fishnets, thats why its so great.  Nobody wants to see the top of your tights sticking out your pants or skirt. It's Hideous. 

I'd say happy shopping, but this is seriously one trend I cannot get behind, and I really hope none of you are giving life to this Kardashian induced catastrophe either. After all, I'm sure their next crazy fashion whim isn't too far off.

Everybody is different, and so is there fashion taste.  So, if you feel up to trying this trend here is some street Style inspiration below if you keen on trying the trend...

Till' next time xo


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