Head-Turner: Unicorn Hair


Unicorn Hair Is Actually A Trend

Pastel colours are appearing everywhere, and now they’ve graced our hair.  If you're looking for a way to stand out from the crowd this year, you may want to look into the new unicorn hair trend that is sweeping the internet off their feet.  Unicorn Hair turns your locks into a myriad of bright beautiful colours.  With 305,000 posts tagged #unicornhair on Instagram to date, it’s definitely not just a phase, but a movement highlighting the whimsical magic of unicorn colours.

The colours range from pastels to brightly-coloured neons.  The look requires light hair, achieved by a couple of bleach jobs for the colours to completely show their true hues— a little damaging, but worth it all in the name of unicorns.  Pastel colours only last 1-2 washes. Seriously. You will not be an exception, so you will put off washing your hair as long as you can. Dry shampoo and shower caps will become your best friend.

Unicorn hair means that you dyed your hair in cotton candy-coloured hues. But now, girls are wearing #UnicornHair in a literal sense.  Here's an example of this magical style!

Check out the pictures below to see the unicorn hair trend:

Unicorn Hair Pictures

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