2011 Spring / Summer Fashion Trends, Styles and Clothing.


After the dull winter, everybody wants to welcomes a cheerful and colourful spring. This is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe. As spring quickly approaches, as fashionistas we long to know what’s in style, what trends to follow and what’s hot to wear. Some of you may already know what the trends are for this season, but for those that don't I thought I would let you know!!

1. Colour - you can enjoy a real colour increase this Spring. What is more welcoming than a cheerful, colourful spring? Vibrant brights are big this season...think jewel tones, and Fruit tones, different shades of blue, emerald green, tropical coral, dusty pink, or champagne. So step out this season in a splash of beautiful bolds!

2. “Maxi”­ - is a key element when describing spring/summer 2011 dresses. This type of dresses never goes out of style, from boho to girly to preppy. In Spring/ Summer 2011 the number of maxis has increased significantly. Dresses have become airier, lighter, and more flowing. And majority of items come with prints.

3. The Jumpsuit - is among the hottest fashionable pieces. Jumpsuits come in so many different versions. It makes a bold statement for Spring 2011, there are Many different silhouettes, Prints and colours, there is something for everyone, choose your style based on the statement you want to make.

4. 1970’s Fashion - This next trend is for all retro lovers. For spring/summer 2011 get ready to rock the new '70s-inspired fashion style, the '70s dresses have amazing ink, sapphire, or emerald colours. '70s-inspired bottoms were back with a vengeance. Create the retro look with floaty tops, platforms and skinny belts.!

5. The Re-Return of the Wide-Leg Trouser - If you had enough of the skinny domination, you should know that it will soon be over as spring 2011 brings the high-waisted flare jeans, Wide pants have also come to us from the far 70s. They are comfy, stylish and often elegant. But there are plenty of more modern and youthful designs. Wide leg trouser with high waist comes as one possible form of wide pants that are totally trendy in Spring/ Summer 2011-fashion season.

6. Lace and Crochet – Crochet has made a comeback this season. Designers such as Dior and Chanel introduced great crochet pieces to the fashion world. The crochet trend has been redesigned, Some skirts, shirts and dresses all made appearances on runways. It’s all about intricacy, quality and a luxury edge.

Lace is big this season; it is being used as never before. Lace was used in many different mediums and styling’s. In evening wear evening wear evening wear lingerie, but ready to wear, shoes, and handbags, you name it... Lace is used in full looks as well as a detail within trims and embellishments. Pretty much just about anything you can think of!

7. Colour blocking - the colour blocking fashion trend becomes very strong for Spring/Summer, A blend combination colours of hot pink, emerald-green, lemon yellow, tangerine, turquoise and many others. Brighter is better for colour block trend 2011. Two or three different colours worn as solid blocks. It's a strong, bold look. . Clashing colour is great way to wear this look.

Colour Palette 

Not sure what colours you should be wearing this Summer...

Look no further... Below you will find all the colour trends that were seen on the catwalks of Paris, Milan, New York and London.

Orange. It’s vibrant and energetic and seems to be the most exciting colour trend of Spring/ Summer 2011 fashion season — Rich mango, persimmon, ripe pumpkin, bold orange is one of spring's sweetest colour trends. this intense shade feels fresh once again

White. This colour is in almost every Spring/ Summer 2011 collection. Now not only short white dresses are in trend, white shirts, skinny white pants and maxi dresses in a variety of textures. White is the new black this season. Head to toe white or mostly white with bursts of colours in your shoes and accessories are the best way to wear this trend.

Deep purple and bright Pink These tones aren’t among the hottest colour trends of Spring/ Summer 2011 but we can’t ignore them. Designers played with deep purple, dark violet, and neon pink, and though they used these scarcely the collections became more cheerful.

Light grey and stone. While grey and stone tones may be considered dull and boring they look incredibly good in combinations with other tones. You can do this or try a total grey look with a couple of pretty accessories.

Lemon. Lemon in all its possible variations looks great. From very pale to very bright, lemon color was present on all the fashion runways.

Black. Every season I write that black is the trend, and I’m sure I’ll do it again and again. Black is elegant and slimming, and these are the characteristics we love it for.

Blue and navy. Blue is a fantastic colour in terms of using it in clothing. Garments of this tone become universal pieces as it is easily teamed up with other tones and prints. electric blue, and more subdued tints or play with different tones of blue.

Light green. Like it or not, but it is a Spring/ Summer 2011 trend. green colour in various shades will be in used in varied ways besides being used for green products and companies.

Prints are going to be very trendy in Spring/ Summer 2011

Printed Matter—Even if everyone is copying, we still can't get enough of prints. And spring/summer basically turned up the volume: think bigger, louder, more playful and expressive than ever, from the sweet fruit prints to bold animal prints that were...well, everywhere.

Printed dresses for spring and summer are nothing new, but this season's floral fancies have been given a reworking, making them more interesting than ever, geometric prints into classic florals, Paisley prints, to animalistic, prints are in in in!

  There are so many summer/spring trends out right now, we can barely keep up.
Spring 2011 is about comfort, laid-back styles, as well as relaxation

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