Colour combo - Navy and black


"They"  say (who ever "they" are) have told us that Navy and black should not been worn together.

Most of us have listened,  most of us even stuck to that rule until a few years ago.  black and navy is supposed to be hot now, It does look good if done right. The fabrics, tones, and textures must complement each other.

Navy and black can look chicer than ever. Black is the new navy and navy is the new black It's timeless and classy - if it's done the right way.

Fashionistas say Navy and Black are both neutrals (and neutrals always mix...)
the rule has always read is that "black dresses navy up, while brown dresses navy down"

How to wear black and navy together:

1) Have at least one main piece that’s black and one main piece that’s navy. Don’t just throw on a navy accessory with a black dress. In order to mix the unmixable colours, it needs to look intentional.
2) If you want to add in accent colours, keep them neutral – cream, white and grey are all great additions. Or play with adding stripes or a pattern!
3) Make sure that the navy piece you're wearing is obviously navy, and not one of those "Is this navy or black?" things in your closet.
Pair a navy tunic with black leggings, flat boots for comfort and style. Toss on a black slouchy cardigan if the weather turns chilly.
dark skinny jeans, a flowy navy blouse and a black boyfriend blazer
black shoes paired with navy socks ... not so much. But a chic navy dress accessorised with a black shawl, shoes or bag won’t alert the fashion police

A black wool pant with a beautiful navy silk blouse or cashmere sweater is nice because you have a heavy fabric paired with a lightweight luxurious fabric.
As long as there is a distinct difference i think it looks classy.

What do you think of wearing navy and black? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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