Spring/summer 2012-13 Trends: Art Deco


Spring is fast approaching, and it’s high time to start getting ready for the warm weather.  I know — it's freezing out, and it seems a little crazy to be daydreaming about spring clothes. But this Spring/Summer is all about bright colours and bold prints. So, it’s the right time to ditch the dark and heavy Winter clothes and go for something colourful and trendy, must-have pieces of the season.

Art Deco:

With this year’s release of The Great Gatsby, it seems that everywhere you look people are shimmering in their Art Deco pieces.  It all started in the 1920s when the design world shifted from soft curves to very symmetrical lines.

1920s Art Deco is going to be a huge trend going forward into spring.  The style is based on Sleek silhouettes featuring mathematical geometric shapes and it embraces luxury elements. Zigzag lines, heavy detail, bold designs, embellishments, Graphics, geometric lines, abstract shapes and a strong use of symmetry, are some of the key elements used in art deco creations.

the Art Deco trend is unique in that it is both wearable for the daytime and evening, as well as for work or more casual dress, many of the Pieces don't just boast the patterns, but the style of the 1920′s as well: drop waists, column dresses and beaded fringe

For those who are conscious about not making too many over-the-top fashion choices, investing in some bold art deco clutches or accessories will do the trick.   When Art Deco trends are in style it is very easy to find a flapper-inspired dress at stores at resonable prices. 
Choose a great eye catching print.  Style it up with solid coloured pieces that match with the ones in the print.
Keep the geometry neat. Even though the trend screams for you to take risks with lines and shapes, going minimalist, yet with an impact, is the secret code.

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