Spring/Summer 2012-13 Trends: Crop tops


Crop Tops:

This trend is reserved only for the bravest… Ladies we are officially in trouble. The perfect tummy is back in fashion as everyone is rocking the cropped top from the streets to the red carpet.  The trend can be done in a lot of ways, and not all of them will work for every body type.

If you're proud of your tummy, don't be afraid to pick a piece that hits above the belly button. If you're less comfortable showing that much skin, you can still get in on the trend by opting for a top that bares just a peek of your belly and comes in below your midriff.

You don’t want the only cool factor of your outfit to be that your shirt is a bit short. Be on the lookout for cropped tops that have a little something extra whether it be an off-the-shoulder effect, bedazzlement, a mullet tail or an asymmetrical cut. Don’t just buy a blank white tee, kick it up a notch!

The bra-top. one of the hardest style to wear. There are some requirements to wearing this style. You have to be okay with showing your midriff, at least a little bit. If you're super busty, you have to think hard about support.  If you're teeny-tiny and have no need for an underwire or anything like that, this style is effortless.

The muscle tank. Easy to throw on for an afternoon out or a day by the pool, this style is pretty versatile. wearing high-waisted bottoms do a world of good in terms of not feeling overexposed. For the girls with short waists, this is a very wearable style. Also, busty girls can usually pull this look off easily.

The tie-front. I know, it's old-school! But this look is back. And with a high-waisted skirt, you're actually looking at a pretty darling vintage-inspired look

Crop-tops don't have to look and feel like the '90s threw up on your wardrobe. The last thing you want is to obey a trend just because it's a trend.  Put your cropped shirt over something lengthy that will turn heads.

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