7 Fashion Apps Every Girl Should Know About


Fashion technology is an innovation that is just beginning to take off, but it’s a booming business as new applications.  The phrase “there’s an app for that” could not be more perfect to explain the recent tech boom taking over the fashion world!

To stay fashionable all the time is now easy than ever before. Thanks to these brilliant fashion apps that do everything from organizing our outfits to choosing the right nail polish shade to match it. And these apps are truly brilliant. 

1) Chic feed

Side walk meets catwalk is the motto of this app. Turning catwalk styles into easy and wearable street fashion, this is a perfect go-to app for every Fashionista on the go. It compiles in one place the most popular street style pictures from the best fashion blogs.

2) Stylish Girl

Stylish Girl is an awesome way to organize and get the most out of your wardrobe. It works by letting you take pictures of your clothes and then use them to create beautiful outfits. You can then browse stores for other items and accessories and see how they would look with the outfit!
It means you can save time and money by buying pieces that you know will work well with the rest of your wardrobe, no more guess work!
The app also allows you to share the final outfit with your friends so you can get their feedback and ideas before you part with your money! It’s actually a really simple idea but it makes so much sense!
Cost: FREE!

3) Colour genius

Matching different coloured clothes is always a pain. Well, not any more. Loreal Paris Colour Genius App is your 1 minute fashion and beauty advisor. It tells you what to wear, what not to wear, which colour matches well with a particular skirt and saves you from making any fashion faux pas.
Cost: FREE!

Color Genius

4) Pose

Fashion is 10 per cent wearing clothes, 90 per cent lusting after other people's clothes – and Pose caters to that 90 per cent by letting you follow bloggers, celebs and other users to perv over what threads they're rocking.
You can share favourite outfits and even shop for must-have items through the app.
Cost: FREE!


5) OPI nail studio

I love nail art and this is just the app for me. Spending a solid five minutes to decide which nail colour shade you should wear is no longer a problem. This app is a real time saver. Choosing the right shade, getting the perfect manicure and trying out various nail arts is very easy, thanks to this great app.
Cost: FREE!
OPI Nail Studio

6) Go Try It On

A clean and easy to use app for those all-important times when you need some honest advice about an outfit. Go Try It On allows you to upload a picture of yourself wearing an outfit so that people can leave comments and feedback. So whether it’s a job interview or a first date, you never need leave the house without getting an honest opinion!
Cost: FREE!

7) Vogue Daily News

No “top fashion apps” blog post would be complete without Vogue Daily News.
Their writers keep you in the fashion loop and provide you with lots of insider interviews, updates and everything that you need to know. It’s super easy to use and syncs well with your social media, allowing you to share your favourite ideas and fashion items with your friends for further discussion.
Cost: FREE!

There goes my list of top 7 Fashion and beauty apps that every girl must-have. I’m sure I’ve missed out on the other great ones, do share your favorite apps with me by leaving a comment.

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