The 5 Lip Colours Every Woman Needs


Your makeup regimen wouldn’t be complete without a swipe of lipstick.  Lipstick brings your whole look together.   A Fun lip colour is one of the best ways to add a pop of colour and highlight your gorgeous smile.
Have you Ever open up your makeup bag and feel immediately overwhelmed by lipstick possibilities? here are the five lipsticks I believe every woman needs in her makeup bag.

1. Neutral Nude

Nude lipstick is great to wear to work, on the weekends, or when you're in a hurry and need a staple product handy. The best thing about nude lipsticks is they come in several different colours and undertones so there is one for everyone. Every woman should have a go-to creamy nude lipstick that goes with nearly every kind of eye makeup imaginable. If you have a paler skin tone, pick a nude with hints of pink. For darker skin tones, you can get away with more beige-y colours.

2. Classic Red

The best thing to brighten your skin tone immediately is a fabulous red lipstick. Sometimes an outfit just begs for a classic red lip, whether it be an edgy or polished final touch you’re looking for. Reds can be tricky to match to your skin tone, so play around with whether or not you prefer more coral or more blue undertones.  From candy apple reds to crimson colour Bordeaux, a red lipstick is a must-have for every woman, especially in fall and winter seasons.

3. Pretty Pink

One of the most versatile shades, applying lipstick with subtle hints of pink can add colour but also blend with your natural lip colour. The best pink lipstick for you is one that looks like your own lips, but better. From babydoll pink to more barbie pink choices, add pink to your makeup bag for a season-less and natural look.

4. Eye catching Coral: 

Coral colours add a nice glow to your skin and for a maximum effect, make sure the application is ultraprecise. Fair skin tones should use rosy corals, medium complexions should try vibrant melon hues, and darker skin tones look best with a gold-flecked version. click here for tangerine lip trend.

5. Deep Berry: 

Dark lipstick makes a very strong statement but can also be very glamorous. Burgundy is best applied either straight from the tube or with a pencil, but do NOT use a matching lip liner with it. Purple-based ports look great on fair skin, berries with slight brown undertones will pop against medium complexions, and shimmery wines will stand out on darker tones. If you find the shade to be a bit dark for your liking, swipe on a clear lip balm first before applying the lipstick to cut the intensity of the colour.

When it comes to lipstick, experimentation is key. Heading to a makeup counter or store with knowledgeable staff and plenty of samples can make all the difference. Play around and see what you feel comfortable and confident with. Happy shopping!

What's one lip colour you couldn't live without? let us know in the comments!

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