Little White Dresses. Is The LWD Replacing The LBD This Season?


A new classic in cocktail-wear is in town. The little white dress is sexy, classy, and versatile all in one small bright package. White dresses are definitely one of summer’s hottest fashion trends.

You're all familiar with the Little Black Dress, aren't you? But this summer, put aside the Little Black Dress and welcome the Little White Dress. Why? Because white is a shade of colour that looks good on everybody specially with that summer time sun-kissed skin. The Little White Dress isn't only for the summer days, it also works perfectly for summer nights, you just have to make it work for the occasion you're wearing it for. Treat your Little White Dress as a white canvas, you can style it with different shades of colours and each time you'll get yourself a fresh new look.

Wearing white is always a great way to instantly create a fresh, chic look. The beauty of wearing white is that you have free rein when it comes to teaming it with colour. Knowing how to wear an all white outfit will help you pull off one of the hottest trends right now.

White is sheer and transparent. So, beware of extremely thin white material as it can become see-through. Make sure you wear a white satin slip and either white or nude undergarments when wearing a white dress.

Make a fun statement by teaming up your little white dress with some pop of colours. Colourful, chunky necklaces and bright heels can make you standout. Carry a coloured blazer or handbag that will draw attention.

Bring an eclectic vibe to your white dress with a metallic belt or add some patterns with your little white dress. You can also pair up your LWD with a colourful patterned scarf, shawl or leggings. Make sure not to add more than one patterned accessory to your white dress, as it will look too overpowering.

Red Lipstick can also take you places when teamed up with a white dress.

So whether you decide to go for a white on white look, or you feel like adding a splash of colourful accessories, the Little White Dress will be your go-to look this summer.

Zando - G Couture Lace Dress White R 899

Zando - Revenge Sleeveless Mesh Stripe Dress White R 789


So tell me girls, what’s your favorite way to wear a LWD?

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