Cool Ways to Stack your Bracelets: Pile Your Wrist Wear Like a Pro


This one is for those who love their arm candies.  I recently started to stack bracelets.  I know I am super late in doing this, but wearing so many bracelets when you design on a computer, is no fun.

Stacked Bracelets are a hot trend for summer and many of you are probably wondering what the right way is to stack your bracelets. Let me tell you this, there are NO RULES on how to stack bracelets, but if you need an idea on how to stack different bracelet, i can help you.

Mix up bracelets in different metals, colours, and materials is a fantastic way to show off your sense of style

Do Mix your Stacked Bracelets’ size and scale (thick and thin).

Use colours in the same family

Begin and end your stacked bracelets with the same size-it ties them together like bookends.

Be creative and mix your old bracelets with your new bracelets, costume and novelty, fine plus coloured.

Wear a big face watch

Add some beads

Tie on some colourful assorted friendship bracelets

Add a couple of chains with charms or thin metal bangles

Mix textures. Pair beaded bracelets with wooden bracelets, cuffs with threaded bracelets.

Finish stacking up with a leather bracelet, with studs or metal details

Don’t be afraid to stack on both arms!  Usually Stacked Bracelets are wore only in one hand, but if the other hand feels kind of empty, try wearing two or three bracelets on the other hand as well, to balance the look.

There’s really no limit to how many you can wear at once. As long as your hands don’t feel too heavy.

Do you wear stack bracelets? tell us how you style your bracelets by leaving us a comment.

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