Trend: Leather Jackets and Ways to Style them


The leather jacket is one of my favorite, and fortunately for us, it is back in style! The leather jacket is a must-have fashionable piece for every women’s wardrobe.

Fortunately, the trend does not discriminate according to one's budget! There are plenty of fantastic leather (or faux leather) jackets available in every price range. If you are just getting acquainted with the style, I suggest starting with an inexpensive yet luxe looking option; a black quilted version reminiscent of Chanel will work with anything, as will a brown leather jacket with a shearling collar. For a fun twist, try a traditional biker jacket in a daring shade of red.  

Wear your leather jacket with shorts and ankle booties, or with skinny pants and a crop top. Playing with proportions can make you look slimmer. Even better, if you own a cropped jacket to pair with a long tee and leggings. Try different combinations of skirts, cropped pants, and oversized sweaters as one of the ways to wear your leather jacket.

Wear a pretty dress under your leather jacket for a sweet and sultry look. Wearing it over a feminine piece makes it look unexpected, but put together. Pair it with a maxi dress for a chic update to an existing piece, or wear with a short lace dress for the ultimate sexy leather and lace combo.

Adding pieces that have texture like silk scarves, knit dresses, and chunky jewelry are a trendy way to add something extra to your leather. If you want an edgy look, try a cute turban, a studded tee, or layer all of your jewelry! Mixing textures is a beautiful way to make your ensemble look interesting and stylish.

Wearing your favorite LBD with your leather jacket is a win-win! There is nothing more stylish and classic than these two pieces together for an occasion or just for casual happy hour. If you have a different colour leather jacket, please adorn over all black!

Wear with your leather jacket to make it more low key, but still fun and brave. Leopard print, stripes, and florals are also chic and stunning with leather.

One of the hottest trends is leather on leather. Leather pants, skirts, and shorts can definitely be a strong statement in an elegant way. The trick to wearing all leather is to break it up with textures, colour, and proportions. You can also wear this trend in different colour leather, like a wine coloured jacket with black leather leggings.

Leather jackets are timeless and can be worn in three seasons of the year. In spring and autumn you can put a leather jacket over a light blouse or floral dress, while in winter they are great as layering pieces. If you don’t  have one, now it’s the perfect time to buy it. Look at the photos below and maybe you will get inspired to add a leather jacket to your outfit!

 Do you like this trend? how do you wear the leather jacket trend? tell us by leaving a comment below.

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