Trend: printed pants and Ways to Style them.


There is no denying that the printed pants trend is far from over. From the runways to the streets, these fabulously fresh pants have claimed their place amongst the hottest trends of the year.  Print pants are everywhere, as you've probably seen in store.  Even the most stylish girls can get tripped up on a trend from time to time.  I remember a sort of panic setting in the first time I saw patterned denim pop up at stores. Patterned tops or dresses are one thing, but pants?! I mean, we all just got used to wearing brightly coloured jeans!

Fun ikat prints, bright springy florals, and geometric prints are all examples of patterns you'll see this season. I can't resist the bold patterns and playful colours but it can be challenging to figure out how to wear print pants without looking like a bad '80s flashback. 

Sometimes, it’s cool to give your denim a rest and go for something a bit bolder.
If bold patterns aren’t your thing, you can still participate by looking for bottoms with subtle details, like tiny polka dots, pinstripes, or tie-dyed designs

With a denim shirt,  this is easily one of the most current, on-trend pairings for print pants. Denim is a neutral that will go with almost any print and lends a casual, I'm-not-trying-too-hard feel to your ensemble.

With soft neutrals - Sometimes a bold print pant just begs to be paired with soft, subtle neutrals.

Leggings aren’t pants! always pair your printed leggings with a tunic or a simple dress that covers your butt. You don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable to ridicule or an embarrassing camel-toe situation! if a pair of jeggings is thin enough to show the seam of a regular pair of underwear, I stick with bum-covering top options.

They go well with every body type; you just need to pick the right silhouette, which flatters your figure.  For example if you are bottom-heavy, it would be wise to pick up something with tighter prints in darker colours. It will enhance your body type.

Pick a particular colour from the print and wear a top of that colour – of course it needs to be plain but you can experiment with different cuts, styles and fabrics.

To make it look even more stylish you could always throw on a blazer or a jacket (neutral coloured); it gives it a much-polished look.

Pump heels go amazingly well with printed bottoms; it certainly adds sophistication to the overall ensemble. You can also play around with the colours of your footwear.

what you do you think of the printed pant trend? how do you wear yours? tell us by leaving a comment.

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