Would You Wear… a Phrase Clutch?


Perhaps it all began a few seasons ago with Kate Spade writing “Eat Cake for Breakfast” and “Let’s Roll” on t-shirts (or maybe it truly began with ’90s graphic message tees!). Wherever it came from, the phrase trend has evolved and found its new home: the clutch.

Personally, it’s hard to imagine this trend sticking around for several seasons. So, investing in an expensive bag of this sort is a shot in the dark. However, we love the idea of DIY-ing your own Or, with a couple fabric pens and an inexpensive clutch, you can say anything you please! Either way, it seems like this season, the most powerful statement you can make is without saying a word.

Will you be looking for a phrase clutch this season?

Or is the phrase clutch a tacky trend in your opinion? If you get one, what will it say? Do you think this trend is around for the long-haul? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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