Spring/Summer 2014 fashion trend: The Kimono


Kimonos are all the rage these days and they’re everywhere! Having featured on the Spring Summer 2014 catwalks for high end designers, the kimono has hit the high street and is set to be a really big trend for the summer season.  It’s a very easy piece to wear and styling it is just as easy.

The kimono, which essentially is a lightweight jacket, has become very popular among many women.  This lightweight outerwear is currently replacing the basic cardigan.  The hippie trend is versatile because you can wear it to work, the beach, or a night out on the town!  Work with colours found in your kimono. To help pull together your entire look.

The kimono is a great alternative to a blazer or jacket for the warmer months. To avoid looking boxy and unshapely, team it with slim or tighter fitting clothes underneath!  Try wear the kimono with skinny jeans, heels and a simple tee. It means you can have fun with the print and let the kimono do the talking. It’s also a great way to introduce colour into an otherwise simple look!

For a luxurious and dressed up look, kimonos can be styled with a silky slip dress and heeled sandals. Or, try a more fitted dress with wedge heels. They also make sense with jumpers and rompers.
Kimonos that have fringe are a personal favorite of mine, as they remind me of that chic 1960s hippy look.  Whether you are attending a music festival, or you just want to give off that boho glow in your city, a fringed kimono is the way to go.

Besides being trendy, a kimono can also be really useful when you are at the beach or at the pool. Wear it to cover yourself up a little bit, over your swimsuit, or when you move to the bar area. Super elegant!!

As summer transitions to fall, you can be sure the kimono fashion trend will last. Ankle booties and leggings will make perfect companions to this piece, especially when accompanied by a long-sleeved T-shirt layered underneath.

Below you can see some outfit ideas with a kimono to inspire you to wear a kimono this Spring/Summer. 

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