Styling Tip of the Week: How to Wear Head-to-Toe Neutrals


While fashionistas have been enjoying all-black looks for a few seasons now, another trend is slowly taking off: Head to toe neutrals. But nude doesn't necessarily mean beige or khaki—it ranges from off-white to cream and tan to caramel. There is something so utterly chic about wearing head to toe neutrals. You would usually think to pair neutrals with colour, but I’m loving this refreshing, head-to-toe neutral look.  

Perfect for the office and causal wear this summer, head-to-toe neutral is an effortless route to take.  But when it comes to creating an all neutral outfit, things may be a little bit more challenging. You don’t want to end up looking like your grandma’s living-room and you don’t want to end up looking too matchy matchy either. So here are a few fast tips on how to create a head-to-toe neutral look:

There are lots of neutrals out there – but if you look closely, you will see that every single neutral includes a small portion of one of the basic colours: purple, orange, grey, pink and so on. Well, don’t be afraid to mix these up – pick 2 different neutral tones for your look, then add a bit of white as a base.

Mix colour palettes within the same colour family. Don't focus on trying to match items exactly. There are so many neutrals- whether you are putting together an outfit in shades of white, ivory, beige or grey, choose items that variations of the same tone rather than trying to wear one solid colour.

Since you’re already going soft with the colour palette, go bold on mixing prints and patterns - go for different textures as well and mix thick and warm fabrics with delicate lace skirts or feminine tops.

Keep the tone of your look romantic and feminine – neutrals aren’t masculine colours by definition, so include extra sweetness in your look: crystals, hearts, princess-like A-line skirts or florals.

Use accessories to add an extra touch of glamour to the look. Whether it's a great statement handbag, a long necklace, or a stack of gold or silver bangles, accessories can glam up the look and instantly pull everything together giving you a complete polished outfit. Look for items that add that extra finishing touch without contrasting or competing too much.

Natural Makeup trends are being brought back this season in correlation with the above clothing trends as well. Sheer, barely there and a touch of colour. Natural makeup tricks and trends highlight your natural beauty, showcasing the real you, from head to toe, as the beautiful and confident woman you are. 

Not sure how to pull this look together?  see below for some style inspiration...

What are your favorite natural ensembles? Are you using natural makeup color palettes as well? 

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