The Head Wrap trend


For those of you hoping to shake up your daily hair routine, check out the summer head wrap and turban trend. Headscarves and turbans have been in for a very long time and I really think it is one of those stylish pieces that will be in forever.  Whether inspired by pin up beauties, 1960’s movie stars, ethnic cultures, fashion shows or even celebs – head wraps are so hot right now and can make your "look" super chic.

I love the idea of wearing head wraps and head scarves during Spring and Summer months. It’s a cute way to cover a bad hair day, protects your hair from the sun and humidity, and they’re an easy way to get ready when you just don’t have the time to style your hair.  The head wrap holds within it countless styling ways depending on personal touch, mood, choice of colour, accessories, outfit, way of wrapping it… 

Whether you tie it yourself or use a ready-to-wear one, make sure to finish the look with a big statement necklace, bangles and preferably bold large shades.  Your hair can be completely tied into the scarf or you leave your hair out and tie the scarf in the Bohemian style. But for the truly African look your whole hair is usually covered. Bring your outfit to life by using a head scarf that has a bold colours and patterns. Once you get the hang of it you can vary in twists and make it your own.  This trend can easily be transitioned to your winter outfits.

How to tie a turban? On YouTube there are millions of tutorials! I selected three to get you started: How to tie a turban 10 different styles, or 4 ways to tie a headscarf vintage glamour style or How to tie a turban, 2 stylish looks  you can also check out below for styling inspiration. 

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